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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> mr. president, just a few announcements before we start the agenda, a quick thank you to sf-gov tv that will fix that tv there, but make these broadcasts available to the public. please turn your cell phones off or on vibrate. if you are in the public and want to make a comment, we will have periods where you can come and make a comment. but please fill out a comment card, they are there, and hand one to the staff. start with the roll. >> sure. commissioner campagnoli. >> present. >> lee. >> here. >> hyde. >> here. >> president tan. >> here. >> for the record commissioner akers is absent this evening. >> great, so the first item on our agenda today is public
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comment. this is public comment for the public to address the commission on any items of interest that are not currently on the agenda. if you have something to say about coming -- something on the agenda, otherwise wait until that time. >> hi, i live in district 6, i watch you all the time on tv. i don't always just come down, but pay very close attention on tv. i want to thank you for asking hard-pressing questions to people that are trying to get in entertainment license. and the hard debate on the last time i saw you on tv. it was really worth y'all doing that to make sure that everything is done right. so thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> any additional public comment? >> it's up there.
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up now. >> seeing none, public comment is now closed. moving on to item 2, review and approval of the minutes of august 6, 2013. are there any comments from the commission? changes? >> no, i move to approve. >> second. >> so there is a motion and a second. >> public comment. >> is there public comment on the minutes? seeing none, move to a vote. >> i will have to abstain since i was not here. >> hyde. >> aye. >> tan. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> lee. >> aye. >> campagnoli. >> aye.
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>> motion passes and next item, commissioner king. >> thank you, i will be brief as it's only be a couple of weeks since i have seen you. i wanted to update the commission on ben mchatten that you met two weeks ago, and i are embarking with a late night transportation study. and before you get too excited it probably will be a small study, focusing on something that may end in a pilot program to look at alternatives for late-night transportation in a particular area of the city first. and maybe pilot something to assist moving people out of area quicker and safely. and see if we can expand that city wide. we are just working on the
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instrument trying to survey people how they got there and where they are headed and what type of transit they used. that's an interest some of you had and keep you updated. so you know this initiated not just from our begging and pleading, but mta coming up with this and a list of priorities and finally getting to it. i am excited about that. i want to remind you again about our covered california workshop or obamacare, workshop we are doing september 9 at the library. for anyone and everyone, there is plenty of room. and we encourage everyone to come and learn about covered california. anyone watching here that has staff or kitchen staff or anyone who needs to figure out how this will impact them.
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enrollment starts october 1. and the law kicks in jan 1, and you will have to have coverage. it's free. open to the public, and at 1 o'clock. and there is a ton of event and facebook invites and we will keep pushing it forward. september seems a long way away but it's not. september 9. and that's it for me, i don't have corrective actions to report. ron, you want to take it from here? >> good afternoon, members of the commission. let's see, in the last two weeks i don't have much to report. and we haven't had a lot of action. although there are some strange events that have happened. don't seem that they could otherwise abated. i am looking into some complaints that are relatively small. and one that is kind of -- the last kind of problem.
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that three that i see on here that are small issues are the lumpy cafe and playland, they are working on their issue, and i sat the venue down with the complainant and they are working on a solution. volumpy got a permit for their ca karoke and they last up to 2 a.m. nearly every friday and saturday night. it's not really affective, part of the security. because the security does a good job on their specific parts, getting people out and pushing them down the street. it ends up being like a bubble.
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i handed out a couple of violations. but these are obvious in nature. citations as well, the live worms cafe, i have warned them a month prior, and i visited this weekend and they were closed after i noticed the prior week's violation. and you will see a couple of incidents in here. there are a couple note, the attempted homicide at yoshi's, and i had a cellar club listing in here, but think i removed it. but not sure we can tie that to the nightclub itself. and a couple of things i want to add from the previous inspector. i think we have some solutions that we are facing, and i want to bring it up.
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because we are always negative. we see a positive in club cocoa, and that is great they have a good solution in there. we have brick and mortor and have further comment about that later in the meeting. 1015 folsom is working with their neighbors and reduced their complaints. in the spot inspection last weekend issued no sound outside of the venue. and i spoke to 620 jones and we will speak to that later. and then we have three locations that just passed their sound test. that is a great thing for the city, audio discotheque and then underground that passed their test. that's all i have to report.
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>> commissioner joseph. >> first of all, to our director, great news about the mta. that's really awesome. i have a couple of questions. i don't see officer mathiuous here. >> here's -- he's here. >> i didn't know what a suspicious occurrence in jack-in-the-box. what is that? >> there was a person threatening a security guard and then came back the next day with a pipe in their hand. >> and you said an attempted homicide at yoshi? >> yeah, it ended up at yoshi, the incident, there were a couple in their vehicle. and apparently the male bumped
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the vehicle in a high-speed foot chase, i guess. and apparently there was some physical violence that happened right outside of yoshi's. i believe that their security did a great job pulling the person away from the surveillance. the reason it's down here because i have had listed from the police officers. but i believe that yoshi did their best. >> did it start at yoshi? >> no, ended at yoshi. >> and last but not least you said reed and grano and passed their sound test, they have had one forever and just passed now? they haven't, okay, i am done. >> any other commissioners, questions and comment?
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yeah, i am going to ask about underground sf a lot, do they not have a sound test before? >> they have actually been conditioned for a specific dd limit. that's the limit for them. >> i see. and then i wanted to ask you, are these all the issues? i know last time we were missing a few on the agenda. i want to be sure that we're getting a full report. this is all the incidents you did in the last two weeks? >> you are getting as full report i have. >> okay, i want to be sure, negative or not. it's like when the police say when i called for help, doesn't go against the permit. so it's good that we know where the problems are. >> right. i think this mta late-night transportation study is great too. i don't know if the time line, what the time line is, do you have any clue when you stop
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serving or start? >> well, we are trying to move quickly because they have intern and folks that can do these interviews on the street now. and so we are trying to get that part done fairly quickly. and for me it's to keep the heat on before some other crisis occurs at mta and then this drops to the bottom. right now we have a window and it's going to happen. we have this survey instrument yesterday, we made changes to it. hopefully it will keep moving fairly quickly. because it sounds so complicated. >> are they focused on a certain part of the city? >> ben and i had a meeting with mta person whose overseeing this project. and all decided that this polk corridor would be an ideal place to start this kind of investigation in terms of data
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mining, and then trying a pilot to see what kind of alternatives would assist, or at least our biggest problem. and we feel the neighbor's biggest problem, 2 o'clock close, move people out. time frame that things can happen because so many people on tiny sidewalks. >> i wanted to ask a follow-up question to that. do we know -- i mean it seems to me that the academy of art dorms, which are located everywhere. and further down, and a lot of them further down sutter street from polk, it seems like a lot of people from those dorms tend to frequent polk street. and i was wondering if they were going to look at in your study,
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are these people coming within the city? >> that's exactly, and i am going to caution us not to talk much about this, it's not on the agenda per se. but that's the first step. to do a very short three-minute interview to find out. and different nights of the week. it's our impression they are coming from different places different nights. >> are you putting a street team out? >> mta. >> awesome. that's what i wanted to know. >> any other comments or questions from commissioners? if not, move into public comment for the director's report. any public comment? seeing none. we will move right on to the next agenda item, police department comment and questions. so officer mathius or someone.
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>> hello, commissioners and staff, steve mathius from the central station. over the last weeks probably had four incidents i will talk about tonight. we had on august 11, 2 a.m. a victim was at a nearby bar and walked to beach and columbus and pushed from behind and suffered a fractured right finger, and laceration to the right of the head. looking at report he was a bloody mess. we couldn't figure out, there were two bars in the area and couldn't figure out where it came from. sounds like in the wrong place at the wrong time. and then next incident a victim was outside of columbus and attacked and hit in the face and her cell phone taken. what time we bring up these
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different occurrences, it's important not just for the patrons at the establishments. for someone in the area that may be preying. this is the only report of employee, but it's 4 a.m. and robbed. august 10 there was an aggravated assault in the parking lot next to the cellar. this is disturbing, and ec has been given copies of the report. but one of the things that we didn't like in the narrative. after two 20-year-old girls left the cellar after the party, one 20-year-old was hostile and attacked a 30-year-old member of the party. and they got into an argument over stupid stuff, i got anger issues, was her quote. and told officer millgan, that
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she and her friend were 20 years old and know the person at the club and let them in without i.d. and the rules of being 21, and then you have this girl with anger issues and now with cocktails on board. if not admitted into the club, the whole thing would not have happened. i saw the photos of the victim and she was beat up pretty badly. and last one, club atmosphere had several fights at closing time. i am not going over the report, it's way too long. but if you get a chance, you may want to read it as far as the level of fights. but this is just the summary from the sergeant who was working that night. central swing control, three
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tactical units watched the area. no club reached its patron capacity. club cosmo and fame and broadway studios were closed. parking lots were filled up. traffic was light. it was not like a major weekend where we had thousands and thousands of people. but when club atmosphere closed, patrons started numerous fights on the screen at the intersection of broadway and mo montgomery. officers used pepper spray on one group of fighters, and one fighter used a baton to stop a fight choking. and two citations were issued for fighting in public. so they were arrested at the
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end. so i was getting a lot of phone calls actually from the sergeant that was there. but we wanted you to be aware of that. there was a copy as i said, if you get a chance, you can take a look at it. any questions or comments? >> i have a couple. so putting the atmosphere thing aside. did you say how many clubs were closed? >> it looks like three. >> three clubs were closed on the weekend, and pal is out of business, how many were open, just the one? >> well, you got -- not too many there on that. >> officer mathius, in your estimation, the impact of what has happened on broadway has done to what the traffic on that street, decimated it completely? >> i would say there is less out there, why those particular
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clubs closed. i know that one of them wanted to cater to the americus cup, i don't know if they are still doing that. another club they haven't been open a lot. the person that owns it, owns a lot of the clubs. but i would say there is more clubs closed there than before. >> in other words, what has happened over the years? correct me if i am wrong, it seems to me that what happened over the years is that the enforcement on broadway has succeeded in decimating broadway, you think? >> no, for whatever reason, club cosmo if they are not out. and club fame and studios is owned by the same gentleman. >> but no real life but atmosphere. >> if we talk about three clubs, and two owned by the same person, he does a lot of special
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events. and club cosmo is a gentleman that owns a lot of clubs. and it goes around as far as which ones are open and when. but yeah, you have the impala that is closed. you have some other bars on the street. >> do you know how that has impacted the rest of the street and the other businesses there? how it might have impacted columbus avenue or anything? hatimpacted it in a negative way? positive way? >> columbus is usually a different beast, those people are there for dinner and not necessarily the same people coming to broadway. >> it concerns me, when i moved here back before the dawn of history. broadway was a very lively street. the stone was open, and it was lively and had a lot of entertainment.
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and broadway, i come from new york, and new york broadway is a lively street. and other cities that have broadway, it's a lively street. and it just seems to me that broadway has died. and i find that disturbing. because it's businesses are going out of business, obviously. or they are not opening. even if someone only does special events to own a couple of clubs and not open them. makes me think there is another reason. it just doesn't sound right to me. i am a little concerned about the fact that broadway is not lively and vibrant. and it's dead. >> but i think if take a snapshot of anything. if i was up here reporting for what we have for every weekend for the entire month. it would be one thing. but if we take a snapshot of that particular night and i
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mentioned three clubs were closed. >> i don't know, i was in the club business, if i closed one saturday night it majorly impacted my business for the month and possibly for the year. you need to pay rent and insurance and all the bills to pay, you have to be open to pay those bills. i am concerned that a commercial district has been killed. so i wanted your thoughts on it. thank you. >> commissioner hyde. >> personally what i have seen on broadway if i was going to comment on what commissioner joseph is talking about. i don't believe it's the enforcement has killed it. i believe that gang violence is the number one reason that broadway is having problems and too much gang violence. that's what have seen. i see club atmosphere and the
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cellar a lot, like all the time. what is going on that is different in club atmosphere and the cellar that wasn't going on before? that they are constantly on our de incident list? >> i contacted atmosphere and discussed what was going on there. they brought up a lot of different issues. and we are working with them. whether it be the party buses. we are registering the party buses. if there is party buses, they call central station and the lieutenant and the sergeants know who is coming there and they register the buses so arrangements can be made. as far as the cellar, it's a little bit of everything. now they are doing a lot of catering to people in the entertainment industry. that's sometimes why we see reports on odd nights.
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like a sunday night where that's not a traditional night to go out. this other one i believe happened on a saturday night. and i have to say that i talked to one of the officers who talked about the cellar. he said that this last weekend it was perfect. he went by there and everything was -- he was very pleased with it. i think they know that we called up and wanted to know about incident reports from the week before. but they have come up and we are talking with them to see what needs to be done in order to bring it back to the level so we are not having these reports in front of entertainment commission. >> yes, it seems like a lot. so -- >> any other comments, go ahead. >> how is the parking lot doing? >> they are -- like for atmosphere there were fights in the parking lot. and the street as well as the sidewalk. it was a spill-over of a mass
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people in the area. we haven't been getting a lot. this other parking lot that is next to the cellar, we get very few problems out. it seems like if they have to drive into an actual building, there seems to be less problems. less loitering going on, than driving in a lot and people tend to loiter around more often. >> you don't feel that some parking lots have to step up their security? >> there has been, i know on broadway alone there is a lot of of work with them. some as small as increasing the lighting makes a big difference. and hiring security makes a big difference. letting the officers know to let go through there and assist with that makes a big difference. >> any other comments? if not, i will open up to public comment. thank you, officers.
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any other officers from other districts that would like to make a comment? if not, we will take public comment. and this is about the police comments. >> yeah. >> okay. >> my comment was that watching the broadway situation develop is partially due to the factors we talked about. the gang stuff and the violence. and if you look back to 20 years ago or so, it was all live music clubs. and now there is not one. and as a live music operator i would be hard pressed to want to open a live music there, and maybe it would do well. and similar things can be said
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about haight street. >> thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, we will move on to the next item. item 5 review and possible action to change the conditions on the entertainment of brick and mortar at 1710 mission street. we visited this and reviewed and asked brick and mortar to come and evidence of sound proofing and a phone number that someone work that neighbors can call should they have complaints. let's try to contain this because discussion has happened. the applicant is here, you are welcome to take the floor, but like i said, there are two
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things that we are looking for in reviewing the conditions. the sound proofing and that phone number, take it away. >> hi, i am jason perkins and i want to thank audrey joseph and glendon hyde to come down and review the club. i know that's beyond your normal scope of inquiry and i appreciate it. i made one set of copy and talked to jocelyn that invoiced work and pictures and the material that we bought over the last 20 months. the work that we have done, they believe the commissioners and the inspector has been here several times. can see in the back of the club and the walls built all the way to the ceiling. we used sound-proofing material betwn


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